Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Arrival Of Colton

Colton made his way into our world on June 4th at 12:41 am via an epidural free delivery!!


I started having consistent contractions on the 2nd.... they were consistent b/ spread apart and very mild. Chris was on his way out of town (5hrs away) on a business trip ... so I went to the doctor that morning by myself. The doctor told me to call my hubby and have him turn around. My contractions were not doing much so she sent me home... told me to go shopping not to go home and sit around - so that's what I did! ;) That night my contractions were more consistent b/ mild enough to where I could sleep. We got up the next morning and made our way to the doctors office (an hour away) and once again, I was sent home. She told me since I wanted to have a natural birth it would be best to go and labor at home as long as possible.. so that's what we did! We were home for about 7 1/2 hrs... around 7:30pm we knew it was time to go!! We made it to the hospital around 8:30 and about 4 hrs later he was here! Chris was absolutely wonderful! He never left my side... I honestly don't think I could have done it w/out him (I know I couldn't have) and my wonderful midwife Shannon Nirode! I am amazed by the strength that the Lord gives us - right when we need it. Chris & I have been so blessed as husband and wife over the past 6 yrs and now he has blessed us with this amazing little man - whom by the way I think looks just like Chris!! My wish is that every woman would be able to have this experience!

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