Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Thought Provoking

I had someone recently send me an email and ask me, “How would I like Colton to serve the world?” It was really a thought provoking question and shamefully so I don’t know if I had really thought about it prior to being ask. I always knew that first and foremost I wanted him to be a great man of God! I pray everyday that he will be saved at a very young age and that no matter what he does in life he will serve the Lord. I don’t want him to be a servant of the “world” or of “man”, but a servant of the Most High Priest! So I got to thinking... what else do I want for him??? Here is a little taste of my response to the email.

That he is compassionate and appreciative. Compassionate toward others and appreciative of the world around him and the opportunities that has been afforded him. I want him to also be responsible, gracious and humble. Courageous enough to start new adventures… I hope he strives to be excellent in all he does, but the realty is that he will fail… he will fail many times – and when he does I pray it will make him a better man, a better person, a better Christian. I hope he will learn that his failures do not and will not define him, he will be known by what he does after he fails. I pray that he will have resilience to overcome adversity and that he will be tolerant of the world around him, but in the same regard that he will never compromise his beliefs. I pray he will have strong convictions and that he will follow them. I hope he is a leader and not a follower, a lover not a hater. I want him to be successful, but not according to the standards of the world. And I want him to always, always to be dependent only on God… not on me and not on his own father, but on our great Heavenly Father who has promised to never leave us nor forsake us! Chris and I will ultimately let him down, but God will never let him down.

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